Aeration & Airpumps

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Aeration & Airpumps

Postby firstbrew » Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:06 am

Reading more and more into the tech stuff of brewing and working on another
batch, I read that using an air difusser and pump can help with a rapid and
very productive fermentation. My questions are as follows :

1. Can I go buy a regular fish tank pump and some tubing with an air-stone ?
2. After the wort has cooled and yeast has been pitched, I insert the air-stone ?
3. how long do I leave the airstone in ? Should I put the lid & airlock on with the
airstone in the fermentor ?

Thanks, F.B.
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Postby andytv » Mon Dec 24, 2001 6:18 am

You can buy the fish tank stone and pump, but remember the only thing you really need is O2. Withthat setup, you are pumping "air" which basically is infusing your wort with whatever happens to be floating around in your house.

I suggest the you use oxgen cylinders (check hardware store/medical supply for 99.9% pure oxygen). You will need a cheap valve, some hose, and a stone). The complete kit sells for around $40 I think. make sure you boil the stone for at least 10 minutes prior to use.

The method I use to aerate is as follows;

After the wort is cooled and in the fermentor, I pitch the yeast. Instead of stirring, I drop the stone to the bottom of the fermentor and give it about three- five second blasts of oygen while moving the stone around. This seems to stir tyhe yeast in and aerate very well.
The only problem here is that the fermentor is not sealed an it is possible to contaminate (I haven't has any problems). Another method that I have read about is to add oxygen to the tube you use to tranfer wort from the brewpot to the fermentor. You install a "tee" and trickle oyygen into the moving wort.

Good luck
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