1.25 gallon mini kegs

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1.25 gallon mini kegs

Postby brewmeisterintng » Mon Oct 03, 2005 7:11 am

Has anyone ever had any success with these things? I can blame my last batch on too much priming sugar. The can actually bulged. It
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Re: 1.25 gallon mini kegs

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Sun Oct 09, 2005 11:48 am

You should not use these kegs for home brewing.

These "Fass" kegs were designed for counter pressure filling, not "keg" conditioning homebrew. They cannot withstand the pressures generated by conditioning for carbonation many times before bulging and blowing the top seal. They are a "one trip" container intended to be thrown away after dispense. This is evident when you cut one open and examine the construction. They are made of high tin content steel and are very thinly lined with a plastic coating. If you attempt to clean them with adequate chemical strength or brushes this coating comes off quite readily. Since these vessels have a seamed construction, the exposed edges then rust. This causes metallic flavors to be transferred into your beer. Eventually, this seam will rust through as they are very thin and will begin to leak.

Most homebrew retailers that have been in business for a while or know what they are doing no longer sell these kegs for the above reasons. When I started homebrewing in the early 80's when these first became available, all of my brewing friends and I bought these thinking they were the ultimate solution to bringing beer to meetings and parties. All of us discontinued using them after we discovered the above problems. Unfortunately, by the time you get enough Fass kegs for a 5 gallon batch, the tap and spare bungs, they are sort of expensive!
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