does kettle shape effect function

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does kettle shape effect function

Postby bredmakr » Fri Oct 26, 2001 5:39 am

I have been doing some extensive online research to find the best 15 gallon brew kettle for the best price. What I have found is that the more expensive kettles by polarware (average price $210 for 15 gal with spigot) seem to be the most highly recommended. These pots have a height equal to or greater than their diameter. I have found another 15 gallon kettle with the same 18-8 gage stainless for $157 that is very tempting. However, the diameter is 19.5 inches and the height is only 12 inches. Its a short and stout kettle. Does the shape of the kettle have any significant effect on performance as a beer making tool? Does the shape indicate in any way the intended use of the kettle?
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short pot

Postby aleman » Sun Oct 28, 2001 5:49 pm

I have been using a short stout pot I got from Brewers Resource last Feb. and it is great. I think (but am not sure) you may get a little more boil off with the bigger opening but just adjust boiling amounts accordingly. I use an immersion chiller and it fits nicely into the shorter pot.I have the 55 litre size and brew 38 litre batches without a proplem.I forget the price but it was around 159.00US. I love my brew pot and the beer is great.
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kettle base

Postby Fraoch » Mon Oct 29, 2001 2:46 am

Short and stout or long and thin ( mines approx 12 inches diameter and 30 high) but my burner is 12 inches so its perfect as the whole base is covered with the flame giving really good boil and fast! Boil off is controled by only allowing a certain amount off the top open. I used to use a large round pan ( 7 gals) and controlled boil off by covering 3/4 with alfoil. But the base was wide and so took over an hour to boil 4gals cold water. But the new one?? 20 mins . So i would opt for tall over stout.
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