Conical vs Carboy

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Conical vs Carboy

Postby sphbeer » Sun Dec 28, 2003 5:06 pm

I am tempted to buy a 12.2 gal stainless steel temp controlled conical. I have four 6.5 gal carboys which I keep very busy. I keep eight 5 gal cornie kegs going almost full time with 5 beers on tap full time.

I have heard all the pros and cons (mostly pros) on conicals but just cannot get there. I have a chest freezer with all the temp controls possible for the fermentation processs. I even concidered going with two 7.1 conicals and using my freezer, but space would be an issue.

I would like to know from those who have gone to using conicals your thoughts on use and where you made your purchase.
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I posted on this a while back...

Postby Brewer2001 » Fri Jan 02, 2004 2:56 am


I am a pro brewer and have bought a brewhouse and am trying to buy a couple of 7 BBl conicals. So I have a little different take on the use of this equipment.

I would not buy the plastic ones. As you stated stainless is the way to go. However I question the one that Beer, Beer and More Beer sells. They have the stainless or plexiglass tops that use a bubbler. That configuration cannot be used as a pressure vessel, should you decide to 'bung' the tank and 'naturally' carbonate your beer. I have visited Larry's Brew Supply here in Seattle, they make a good 2 bbl conical (62 gal.) that can be pressurized and is jacketed.

Now the other problem is temperature control. You need to control the temperature between 32-68 deg. F at specific times. During fermentation 68 deg F. for ales and 48-50 deg. F for lagers. Your system must be able to 'crash' chill down to 32 deg. F. for both types of beers.

You need a jacketted tank with a temperature control. You could employ a 'sweet' water system using a freezer or refrigerator, a plastic tank, a temperature controller and a pump. This system uses FOOD grade glycol mixed with water.

This system sounds complicated but if done correctly will improve our beer greatly, put it in the craftbrew catagory.

Good brewing,

Tom F.
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Postby sphbeer » Fri Jan 02, 2004 5:02 pm

Thanks for the feedback. Does Larry's sell smaller conicals. I have to see if I can find his website.

Good luck with yours and thanks for the response.

Steve H.
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