boiling hops more than 60 min

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boiling hops more than 60 min

Post by dartedplus » Tue Jun 03, 2003 9:31 am

Is there any reason to not boil hops for more than 60 minutes. I think I remember a thread quite a while back that had to do with it, but cant seem to find it now.

Gravity Thrills
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I dunno...?

Post by Gravity Thrills » Tue Jun 03, 2003 11:38 am

You probably have extracted just about all the bitterness you're gonna get by 60 minutes, but I don't know what if any adverse effects a longer boil would produce. I do wait until I have had a good hot break, 15-30 minutes into a boil before adding bittering hops so they are not volotilized away or left on the sides of the kettle. Then I reset the clock and biol 1 more hour from there.

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IBU's and flavour/aroma

Post by Fraoch » Wed Jun 04, 2003 2:37 am

I used to boil my hops for longer than 60mins, but noticed a "woody" taste to the beers,i reduced time to 1hr and the woody flavour went away.Apparently, a good ROLLING boil ( not the massive bubbling you can get with a turkey baster at full blast)will extract the maximum bittering potential from your hops at 60 mins, after this you not only start destroying what IBU's you have but start to extract from the 'fibre" of the hop. After 30 mins you start to reduce the flavouring potential from your hop and go into bittering extraction, so to maximise the flavouring from your hop, boil no longer than 30 mins.
At 5 mins you start to reduce the aroma potential and go into the flavouring aspect, this is why a lot of brewers like to steep thier flavouring hops post boil as it can maximise the effect.
Of course, there are many variations within these time frames for whatever effect you desire from your hops and is the reason why some breweries have quite complicated hop schedules. Courage brewery in England are renowned for this.



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