Partial Mashing

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Partial Mashing

Postby Shaft42 » Wed Mar 05, 2003 12:02 pm

I would like to attempt a partial mash on my next brew. I have heard of using a bottling bucket and a strainer as a lauter tun. My concern is when pouring the gains from the mash tun into the strainer; it seems that you will get a significant amount of splashing (aeration). Is this enough hot side aeration to be concerned with or am I over analyzing this method? The other method I was considering is using a grain bag in the mash tun and moving it the bottling bucket when I am ready to lauter. I am not real excited about this method because I was hoping to get some experience as to how the wort feels in the mash tun as sugar conversion occurs. Or I could purchase a Phils Mash/Lauter Tun system, but this seem fairly limiting to just partial mashing or small batch all grain brewing. What do you all think is the best method for partial mashing?

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Postby Gravity Thrills » Wed Mar 05, 2003 2:13 pm

I think a bunch of us first got our feet wet with all grain by following Charlie Papazian's instructuins for a bucket-in-a-bucket "Zapap" mash/lauter tun from his first "Complete Joy" book. It is basically the same approach as the strainer and bucket method you mention, but the top bucket, with a zillion holes drilled into the bottom, acts as asubmerged false bottom and you won't aerate during the sparge. With some towels wrapped around it for insulation, I stuck with this setup for more than a year before moving into something else. It's cheap and it allows you to get a handle on the basics.

Just be sure you have enough homebrew on hand to get you through the mind-numbing task of drilling all those holes!

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Here's my trick

Postby Budcar » Wed Mar 05, 2003 4:16 pm

Partial mash on the stove to waterver degrees you want.Ex.:150F but bring it higher just a bit like 152 to 153.Don't move the pot but shut off the stove.Put the lid on and wait an hour.Conversion should be done by now since we are not mashing 20lbs.Scoop up the grains with a spoon that has holes in it.Its longer that way but no splashing.The little thinny bit of grains left won't hurt the brew and on the chilling time everything falls to the bottoms if you do use a wort chiller.Try it and if you don't like that setup than move on.No perfect setup it's how you feel about it.HappyBrewing
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