Anybody ever try malting?

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Anybody ever try malting?

Postby brewdude » Sun May 27, 2001 5:14 pm

Our fields are getting ready to change into amber waves
and I was just wondering..... Did you ever try taking
barley from the farm and malting it? The stuff grown in our area
is all 6 row grown for animal feed. I bet it would be
relatively cheap to get,say, 100#. I downloaded directions
one time that descibed how to do it. They mentioned
that 'malting your own' resulted in a slightly less
than ideal conversion, but hey, if the grain's cheap
and it makes good beer it sounds like it's worth a try.
Any stories?
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good luck

Postby Fraoch » Tue Jun 05, 2001 4:12 am

the maltster sued to get payed more than the brewer, as far as i can work out the breweries have been trying to by-pass them ever since! i once tried to make my own black patent from pale malt by putting 1kg in the oven @ 200c in a baking tray and seeing how long it would take. 3hrs later i achieved this and discovered that it was a lot easier to buy the stuff. did it make good beer? Na! Tasted like liquid burnt toast.
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