How long is too long Fermenting?

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How long is too long Fermenting?

Postby fcsmike » Fri Jan 24, 2003 4:22 pm

I started my beer 10 days ago, I used wyeast london ale 3, attemting an english brown ale. It took a few days to get going but when it did it realy took off. Now 10 days after pitching, it is still bubbling through the air lock about 4 or 5 times a minute. The OG was 1.052 so I used 2 packages of yeast i checked the gravity yesterday(day 9) and it was 1.020.
This is only my 2nd batch of this normal.
My first batch was brewed according to the directions on the can and I used the yeast provided, it only took 4 days to ferment. This batch I added some crystal malt and chocolate malt, also I used 2 cans of the kit (coopers) instead of using sugar...I'm not sure what else to add, I'm trying not to worry.
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Don't worry, have a homebrew

Postby Freon12 » Sat Jan 25, 2003 12:52 pm

I like my brown ales at 1.020. If you are bottling, check the reading and if it doesn't change for three days in a row, Bottle time!.

I don't really keep track of time, more a rate of ferment readings drop. I had a Imperial Stout in the fermenter for 2 months and another three months in the conditioning tank.

There are some recent posts on priming and they are full of good info but if you are kegging, I would be drinking that one in two days.

If you make a beer over and over, then you can kinda guess what it will do and how long.

The recipe sounds good.
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Fermentation is personal preferrence ... sort of.

Postby Azorean Brewer » Sat Jan 25, 2003 2:41 pm

Hi Steve is right, don't worry ... have a home brew.

OK, I primary for 7 days, so I brew on Sat. and rack to secondary on the next Sat. then I sencondary for 14-28 days depending on my time availability and if I am lagering or not, basically let it go for a week or two more ... it will be fine ... Promise.

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