Using Rice Hulls

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Using Rice Hulls

Postby Bowhunter » Mon Dec 30, 2002 6:42 am

Ref:to Weiss Beer recipe view 1898. Please advise at what point are the Rice Hulls added to the grist? Will the hulls present a problem during lautering ? I do all grain brewing.

Thanks Tom
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Just a strainer

Postby fitz » Mon Dec 30, 2002 7:11 am

The Rice hulls are only for the straining effexct since the wheat doesn't have enough matter in it to do the job. Doesn't have to be put in for the whole boil! Just enough to "pastuerize and then sparge with it.
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Rice Hulls as a Lauter Aid...

Postby Mesa Maltworks » Mon Dec 30, 2002 9:29 am

Rice hulls should be added UNMILLED to the grist prior to begining the mash. The subsequent mixing of the mash will distribute the hulls throughout the grist so that they will perform their function... to assist in a complete rinse of the sugars from the grist. It is typical to use either rice or rye hulls in grists containing a high percentage of high protein level grains. The use of these grains can contribute to a stuck sparge due to high beta glucan levels. Hulls are also indicated where the grist composition is lacking in the proper amount of barley husks such as grists with a high percentage of wheat, either malted or unmalted. Hulls are also used to work around equipment deficiencies as well.

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