Adding fresh wort?

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Adding fresh wort?

Post by arkiteqt » Sat Apr 21, 2001 1:55 pm

I am currently brewing a honey-pils style lager... I checked the gravity and it's 1.010, so it's finished. Would it hurt if I added, say, 2/3 gallon of wort with 2/3 lb honey even though ferm. has finished? It's O.G. was 1.058...

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Should be ok

Post by maltvault » Sun Apr 22, 2001 12:58 pm

As long as the wort is boiled/steralized and cooled. Remember though, you have live yeast in your beer, new sugar will restart fermentation, be sure you have enough room in the fermentor for fermentation.
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Malt Vault

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Maybe and maybe not...

Post by brewdude » Sun Apr 22, 2001 1:46 pm

I remember trying this to a batch I made. The OG was
not very high so I thought I could just add some more fermentables while still in the primary. I boiled about 1 and 1/2
lb. extract with a quart of water. Cooled it and added it to the primary. My OG was up to an
acceptable level then. I racked into a secondary and later bottled it. It was, without a doubt the worst beer I made!
I could bearly drink it. I can't describe the taste other than to say it reminded me of a real nasty chemical taste. At the
time I was not a meticulous about sanitation as I am now so it could've easily been how I handled it. I know I never tried it
again. If you do try it please post to let us know how it turned out.

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