No sparge brew

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No sparge brew

Post by wingsfan61 » Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:39 pm

Sorry, nubee here again.. On our first try of AG we made a cream ale, recipe said we should get an OG reading of 1.054 and we made it to 1.051, close enough from what I understand. My son wants to try a "no sparge" batch. We realize it will require more grains, he figures 1.2 lbs per 1 lb of recipe, Are we close on that number? Could we just add some DME to get the hydro reading we are looking for? He is just looking to make a summertime drinkable ale. Thanks again in advance

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Re: No sparge brew

Post by slothrob » Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:29 pm

Have you figured out your mash efficiency?

I get 87% mash efficiency from a batched sparge and 75% from a no sparge in the neighborhood of 1.048-1.052 OG.

That means that I get ~85% of my mash sparge efficiency with a no sparge. I think that should carry over to whatever your normal sparged efficiency. So, if you had 75% efficiency in your sparged beer, you might expect 0.85 x 75% = 64% efficiency from a no sparge. That works out to be almost exactly the 1.2# for every 1# that your son estimated, so you should be set to go.

You may find that your efficiencies vary quite a bit, when you first get started. Until you get your process nailed down and repeatable, it is not a bad idea at all to keep some light or extra light dry extract around, in case you fall lower than you are comfortable with.

No sparge is my preferred mashing method, as it makes a very smooth, malty beer, so good luck!
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