Brewing for the first time

Brewing processes and methods. How to brew using extract, partial or all-grain. Tips and tricks.

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Brewing for the first time

Post by ringveien17b » Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:24 am

Hello folks!

My steph-father has gotten a home brew set in the shape of a "Rommelsbacher 2000/E" boiler set which supposedly is modified to be a "all-in-one" type of brewer.

Admittingly I must confess I am quite excited myself over the idea of brewing our own beer - however there were no instructions what-so-ever that came with the kit. I have been checking the tutorials on and other places on the internet for instructions, but basically we have a boiler, some sort of sieve, a pump, a tube, and a tap, but we have no idea how everything goes together relating to the tutorial on beertools.

Does anybody know where we can get manuals/instructions on how this goes together/works.

We are utterly confused - but one time has to be your first, right? :oops:

Should I post pictures?

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Re: Brewing for the first time

Post by slothrob » Sat Jun 11, 2011 12:05 pm

ringveien17b wrote: Should I post pictures?
That would be helpful.

I'm having trouble finding any information about this on the internet, so any links you have would also help.

To start making beer you don't need much more than a pot to boil in, a bucket to ferment in, and bottles or kegs. You also need a mashtun of some sort if you plan to start from grain instead of malt extract. However, it can get as complex as you want after that.

A great place to start is the old online edition of How to Brew by John Palmer. The new print edition is even better. This will explain the homebrewing process step by step.
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