Secondary Fermentation time for Belgian Dark/Dubbell

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Secondary Fermentation time for Belgian Dark/Dubbell

Postby pcutti19 » Tue Nov 13, 2007 4:14 pm

Racked to 2ndary last Friday after 14 days in Primary. There was sporadic bubbling in the airlock. After racking, there has been 4+ days of slow, but consistent bubbling (no added yeast or cadi sugar, though still thinking of adding candi sugar). Was thinking of either bottling on Sunday (9 days 2ndary) or racking to tertiary on Monday (10 days) for a bit.

Any suggestions or thoughts? I have 2 6.5 gallon glass carboys filled with just under 5 gallons of this beer. Thinkng of tinkering with one batch- adding candi sugar and maybe another yeast strain. Which one should i consider. I used a White Labs Belgian Ale Yeast (forget the number right now).

Thanks for your time.
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Late Posting

Postby brewmeisterintng » Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:08 pm

I just checked the unanswered post and noted that no one responded to your questions. You must consider wether fermentation is complete or not. If your FG doesn't change for three consecutive days, you are good to go. High gravity beers require longer fermentation times. Transfering out of a secondary only lessens the yeast count. Too many times we try to rush the process. Let the beer tell you when it is time to transfer and when it is time to bottle or keg. There are too many variables including fermetnables, temperature, yeast and such to say that you are done in X days. Many have said that an extra week in the carboy is no big deal. You will know when you have tried to speed up the process. This would include exploding bottles. My advice is to enjoy the hobby and sit back and drink a homebrew.
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