Chill Haze (maybe solved soon)

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Chill Haze (maybe solved soon)

Postby Raydownunder » Wed Jul 17, 2002 3:28 am

Hi All
We brewers downunder may have solved the nasty brew haze problem (well not me).
But first I will not have the answer for at least 2 months as our brewing guru from North Queensland will let us know then. (if its true the secret is simple)
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Sorry,but this applies to a previous unanswered question

Postby Fraoch » Thu Jul 18, 2002 3:05 am

I cant speak for extract, but the malts used in Australia are of a higher protein level than English 2 row but not as high as American 6. This kind of puts us in the middle somewhat. In order to follow an recipe and avoid chill haze i always throw into the mash a handfull or two of torrefied wheat to act as an adjunct in the conversion of protein, this works well and in the process gives good head (yeh, yeh), but my question was, at which point does the inclusion of wheat become haze producing?? Surely there must be a ratio of protein level in the pale malt and amounts of effective adjuncts. Any answers???

Also, Raydownunder, i live in Brisbane and would like to get in touch with yourself, your brew club etc - are you entering into this years QAAWBG comp??? It would be interesting to be in touch with other brewers in Aus. - Cheers Gavin
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