Fruit beers and sanitation

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Fruit beers and sanitation

Postby Cheers » Mon May 13, 2002 5:43 am

I am trying my hand at a fruit beer. I cooked it last night and from what I have been told, I should put the fruit in at the secondary. My question is, how should I clean the fruit? I assume that the inside of the fruit would be considered sanitary, but how should I go about cleaning the fruit so as not to introduce any infections?
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Postby Team Beer » Thu May 16, 2002 11:34 am

I have used a commercial fruit cleaner called "Fit" seems to take a lot of the dirt and film off with a simple soak. If its not available in your area I hear liquid dish soap will work well also, but I have never tried it. If you happen to be using berry type fruit ( Cherries, Raspberries etc. ) I have found it easier to deal with it by creating a juice. By using a hop bag or cheese cloth squeeze the juice out of the berries into a pot then ( this part is a little controversial for some ) pasteurize. Allow to cool with a lid on it and add it to the beer.
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