Anyone have experience with AMG-300L

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Anyone have experience with AMG-300L

Postby Bob57702 » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:40 pm

I've been given 16oz of AMG-300L and was wondering how to use it. What very little that I've seen so far is 1oz per barrel 30 minutes prior to runoff. Considering that I do 5 gallon extract batches I believe this would convert to approximately 1/6 oz per batch. The paperwork I got with the AMG-300L stated 5ml/hl. If I did my math right that would be approximately 1/8 tsp for 5 gallons.

That all aside what would be the best use for this? I understand that it will produce an extremely low carb beer with maximum attenuation rates, but then what do you do for mouthfeel? Any suggestions?
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