1 minute boil?

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1 minute boil?

Postby Dane » Thu Jan 18, 2001 9:56 am

Something I've started to wonder - when a recipe states a 1-minute boil for the aroma hops, what does this mean? Do you put the hops in, wait one minute, and pull them out again (!@#$..forgot to use a bag!)?

Or, do you leave them in until you have cooled and run the wort off into the fermenter? This would mean a variable time in the wort, and therefore variable aroma contribution?
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Postby Okami » Thu Jan 18, 2001 1:23 pm

I have gathered from most recipes that the aroma
hops are left in until the wort is cooled and
strained into the fermenter. And you would be
right, I suppose, that it would mean variable
aroma, depending on how long it takes to cool your
wort. I guess that is one of the joys of being
a homebrewer. Each batch is never exactly the
I use an imersion (is that spelled correctly?)
chiller, and reviewing my notes I see that it
took 29 minutes to cool one time and 18 another.
Those 11 minutes could make a difference I suppose.
Perhaps if you could accurately measure the
temperature of the wort and the cooling water
(if a chiller is used) you could achieve the same
cooling rate each time. But then would the temperature
of the room make a difference. If the heater
kicked on in the kitchen while cooling it could
change things.
I understand your question, but everything I have
found says that homebrewing is not an exact science.
Being a student of the humanities and not the
sciences, I like that.
I hope you find a better answer than I can give.
I am rather inexperienced and have to deduce
conclusions from my various readings.
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At the end

Postby jeff » Thu Jan 18, 2001 7:37 pm

When you ad your aroma hops, they are added at the very end of the boil. I like to add them right when I turn off the heat; that way I know I
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