Grolsch Bottles

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Grolsch Bottles

Postby Hodca » Thu Jan 24, 2002 6:40 pm

I had a friend give me 50 Grolsch flip top bottles. Looking for an easy way to clean both the bottles and the gaskets. Any shortcuts?
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Can't be done.

Postby hophead » Fri Jan 25, 2002 2:42 am

Man, I'm really sorry to tell ya this, but, you can't clean and reuse Grolsch bottles.These bottles are dangerous and should not be kept around the house.A special permit is needed to dispose of this type of glass, but, your in luck, I have such a permit and will gladly dispose of them for you.:):)
Seriously, wash them like any other bottle and you'll be just fine. I will sometimes put a small amount of sanitizer solution (iodine) in each bottle after washing and while bottle is still warm, then cap it and store in a dark place.As the bottle cools it creates a vacuum in the bottle and when I'm ready to use them, I give em a shake and uncap, pour out solution and allow to dry and then bottle. You can buy replacement gaskets at any HB supply store. Good luck.
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