Yeast ferment characteristics at either end of temp range

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Yeast ferment characteristics at either end of temp range

Postby DancingBear » Fri Oct 27, 2006 1:36 pm

Hello all,

New to brew, this is my 4th batch.

I am about to brew a bel pale ale (Ommegang Rare VOS clone) using extract with steeped grains and Wyeast 1388. (3gal boil, 5gal batch, anticipated SG 1.051 - but I may go to ~1.060 to get Rare VOS ABV of >6%)

Wyeastlab Desc. 1388:
"1388 Belgian Strong Ale Yeast. Classic yeast for style. Robust flavor profile with moderate to high alcohol tolerance. Fruity nose and palate, dry, tart finish. Flocculation - low; apparent attenuation
73-77%. (65-75? F, 18-24? C)"

My question is about what yeast characteristics/effects will be more evident at either end of the temperature scale (65-75? F, 18-24? C)". I am hoping to get tartness. I would be doing a glass primary for 2 wks (14days), bottle 5oz corn sugar, and condition for ... (suggestions?)


PS: different topic: when entering extracts with steeped grains recipes into an automated tool you can keep default or adjust brewhouse efficency. I know it is important for all grain to get actual efficiency but how do you formulate efficiency for extracts with steeped grains? (5lb DME, 3.5 grain)
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