Torrefied wheat used in extract brews?

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Torrefied wheat used in extract brews?

Postby xxxx » Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:38 am


I'm hoping to use a bit of torrefied wheat in my next brew because the head retention of my beers is generally poor. However, the only type of brews I make are extracts. Can I use torrefied wheat similar to a specialty grain and steep for 25 minutes around 150F and still obtain the benefits of this adjunct grain? Or does it have to be mashed?

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Wheat, Torrified

Postby brewmeisterintng » Sat Jul 29, 2006 8:13 am

Origin: US Color: 2 SRM
Must Mash: Yes
Grain Add After Boil: No
Potential: 1.036 SG Diastatic Power: 0.0 Lin
Dry Yield: 79.0 % Max in Batch: 40.0 %
Coarse/Fine Diff: 1.5 % Protein: 16.0 %
Moisture: 9.0 %

Notes: Unmodified wheat that has been "popped" to open the kernels
Used primarily in place of raw wheat when making Belgian White and Wit
Faster conversion and higher yield than raw wheat. Protein rest recommended when mashing.
However, I would elsewhere for head retention first. It might be found in your cleaning/ sanitizing process. Also, the glass you pour it into could have soap residue. If your precedures are good, then look to the grains.

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