All Grain Recipe Help/instructions

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All Grain Recipe Help/instructions

Postby beermonkey » Wed Dec 19, 2001 3:40 pm

I am having trouble finding info on how EXACTLY to brew an all grain recipe. Ill info assumed that I already knew how to do it. I have no clue and don't know any terms. Where can I find an idiots guide to and all grain brew.

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Try These

Postby BillyBock » Wed Dec 19, 2001 5:56 pm

Papazian's book, "The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing" covers this topic. Also, you might want to check out John Palmer's on-line book, "How to Brew" at the following web site

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Many Books

Postby andytv » Mon Dec 24, 2001 6:07 am

To answer your question specifically, there is a "Homebrewing for Dummies" (no disrespect intended) book that I have seen in a larger chain bookstore (i.e. Borders). like most of the " for Dummies" books, it is actually somewhat informative and detailed. I don't own it, but I flipped through and considered buying it.
The book that carried me into all-grain brewing is "The Brewmasters Bible" by Stephen Snyder. It has step by step instructions for the three basic types of all-grain brewing and is loaded with great recipes. If you dont want to spend the money, here is a quick primer on single temp infusion brewing;

Equipment: At the very least, you will need a mash/lauter tun and a large brewpot (at least 8 gal), a wort chiller in also almost essential.You can build a mash/lauter tun by installing a spigot and filter device in a cooler. I use a large rectangular cooler. On the inside of the spigot, I have attached 4 feet on stainless steel braid (the stuff that covers water feed lines). This allows the wort to run through while keeping the grains out. As for the brewpot & chiller, you can improvise, but you won't save much $$, I would just buy them.

1) Add water to your mash tun, about 160F. You will need between one and two qts per lb of grain. I use 1.33, you can vary this amount as you advance and read up on it.
2) Add grains and stir, the temp should be about 150F. Close the mash tun (if you use a cooler) and allow the mash to rest for 60-90 min. To see if mashing is complete, put a few drops of the liquid on a white plate and add a drop of Iodine. If the iodine turns blue-black, you still have some time to go.
3) After the "rest", you need to "mash out". This means raising the temp to 165-170F. if you are using a cooler, stir in 200F water until you reach 165-170, if using a stovetop vessel, increase heat. Maintain this heat for 10 min.
4) Running off - After the second rest, you are ready to begin collecting wort. Have several gallons of 170F water handy. It is a good practice to collect the first gallon or so and recircualte it through the mash. The grain bed acts as a filter and can help clarify the cloudy wort.
5) Sparging - Open the valve at the bottom of tyour mash/lauter tun to allow the wort to run off slowly. A tube is nominal to prevent O2 infusion from splashing. As the wort runs off, sprinkle the 170F water on top of the grain, do not let it dry out, but do not pour. Pouring into a colander is an easy way to sparge.
6) Continue to sparge until you have collected about 6.5gal. (for 5 gal batch)
7) Boil for 90 minutes, add hops, etc as you would for an extract batch.
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