Cap sanitizing?

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Cap sanitizing?

Postby brewdude » Thu Dec 13, 2001 5:45 pm

I'm sure this subject has been given attention but
I'd like to hear some comments on it. What do you guys
do to sanitize your bottle caps? I've done both boiling
and chemical sanitizing to doing nothing. I've never really
felt that my caps contributed to any off flavors no matter
what I've done to them. Any comments?
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Don't Boil!

Postby andytv » Thu Dec 13, 2001 6:24 pm

I have seen several recommendations that suggest that you do not boil bottlecaps, a number of things can happen, including;
the adhesive properties of the rubber seal may diminish, allowing the seal to separate fromthe cap, the rubber seal may become brittle, etc.

We always used a bleach solution to soak the caps for about 20 min. , then rinse well w/ hot water which is cooling from a boil (with good results).

I'm sticking with that method, it seems to work!
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Postby Fraoch » Fri Dec 14, 2001 3:59 am

make up a solution of Sodium Met and put your quota of caps in there while you bottle up. Shake off and cap, bleach is very good but its flavour goes a long way.
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Postby l48shark » Sun Dec 16, 2001 8:14 pm

I bathe them in an Idophor solution, rinse with hot water and dry, just like anything else. Sometimes I bottle in Grolsch-style (crock-lid) bottles and I replace the washer every time. (I also sanitize the new washers with the caps.)
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