How do you harvest yeast

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How do you harvest yeast

Postby wyofetch » Thu Dec 06, 2001 3:13 pm

I found a recipe that says to harvest the yeast from a six-pack of the cloned brew. How do I do this?
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check out

Postby bredmakr » Fri Dec 07, 2001 10:20 am

Harvesting yeast from bottles is not a simple task. It is not impossible either. Since I don't have my magazines with me right now I can't be exactly sure but you should check out the August or September issue of Brew Your Own Maganzine on their website( They have an excellent artlicle on harvesting yeast from bottles. You should be able to find it quickly by searching on their site for 'yeast harvesting'. If you find the details explained in their article too intense then I would recommend using a liquid yeast from WYEAST or Whitelabs that matches the style of the beer you are cloning. Good Luck!
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Yes, its a very good article, its in...

Postby dartedplus » Fri Dec 07, 2001 12:59 pm

the article from the first person who replied is in the october issue, vol. 7, no. 8, and it starts on page 28. The title of the article is "Round It Up!". Good luck with it...
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