Bottling Blues...

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Bottling Blues...

Postby firstbrew » Thu Dec 06, 2001 7:20 am

First time to bottle and I used the bottling bucket. I attached my hose and
bottle filler to the spigot. But it was a gusher, the flow was very intense and
I noted lots of bubbles and the like. I was curious if there is a better way to do it ?
But all and all the first batch of "Amber Ale" is finishing its conditioning for another week.
Thanks for all you help everyone.

And I agree this site is a great value to us all ! F.B.
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bottling gadgets

Postby Fraoch » Sun Dec 09, 2001 1:40 am

Not sure what a bottling bucket is but the little botler I found irritating as the shut off valve would stick open or shut, whichever was the one you didnt want to happen. I find the easiest way to botle is to hold the bottle under your tap tilted and slowly open the tap. It's the only way to control the flow. Also, if your beer gushed when bottling , the fermentation may not have finished. Make sure it's fermented right through and fill your bottles slowly.
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Bottling methods

Postby jayhawk » Mon Dec 24, 2001 8:11 pm

I am a new homebrewer, but I have never had bottling troubles. What I do is transfer the beer to a sanitized 6 gallon bucket and then start the siphon again to fill bottles. For the siphon I use a racking cane with about 4 feet of food grade plastic tubing with a clamp on the tube that makes it easy to control the flow.
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