Fermentation Temp.

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Fermentation Temp.

Postby firstbrew » Tue Nov 20, 2001 7:58 am

I am just starting my 2nd day of prim. ferm. I have the fermentor in my room
in a box. I have been keeping my heat of and notice my room temp is
flucuating from about 63 F to 72 F. This is a pure extract recipe. I am going to
notice severe taste issues because of the temp changes ? Thanks for any help,
a true newbie.
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Postby Freon12 » Tue Nov 20, 2001 4:04 pm

It was said by a great homebrewer that "nothing ruins a beer faster than worrying". Five gallons takes a long time to change tempreture. slight changes will not affect your beer(ales). It will average out the tempreture if it goes up or down a few degrees.
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Temp strip?

Postby bredmakr » Wed Nov 21, 2001 5:04 am

Do you have a liquid crystal thermometer? They are inexpensive, stick to the outside of your fermenter, and give you a better idea of the temp of the beer inside. Despite the flux in your room temp the beer is probably staying within 2 or 3 degrees of the average. This is not a problem in the range you specified. If your temp range was over 72 then you would have to be concerned with off flavors. Enjoy!
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