Bottling from SS tank under pressure?

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Bottling from SS tank under pressure?

Post by timmse » Thu Jan 27, 2005 3:20 pm

Hi All

I was considering bottling from a SS tank after adding the priming sugar to the tank and letting it ferment to the amount of co2 that i want and then bottling from the tanktap. the tank i sealable and can stand the pressure. is this possible or will the co2 come out of the liquid and foam over?

any thoughts appreciated.


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Filling from the Unitank

Post by BillyBock » Thu Jan 27, 2005 5:38 pm

If you don't have a CO2 tank, I'd say your best bet is to carbonate in the bottle rather than the unitank. Otherwise you'll run into foaming, possible loss of carbonation, and aeration issues. If you do attempt it, get the beer and bottles as cold as possible so it absorbs the CO2 and doesn't release it when it hits the bottle. And of course, rack carefully to avoid oxidation.

If you have a CO2 tank, then I'd say counter-pressure filling from the unitank would be your best bet. Again, get the beer and bottles as cold as possible. I'm not sure what kind of fittings you have on the unitank, but I'm sure it's a simple matter to convert a run-of-the-mill counter-pressure filler to your application.

In both situations you'll lose some carbonation during the transfer. How much is hard to tell, so you'll have to gauge it through trial-and-error. Then in the future just slightly overcarbonate the batch to compensate for the loss.

Hope this helps. I'm sure someone will think of another possibility.


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Post by caosesvida » Mon Mar 07, 2005 4:29 pm

I have had reasonable luck with overcarbonating the beer, then drop the keg pressure very low and slowly add the beer, I keep the keg and bottles at 38 degrees. I don't know if I have let too much oxygen in, using that process but havn]t really seen any problem yet. I would suggest just trying this method for testing purposes instead of chancing a whole batch on it, experiment first. Otherwise use the other advice here.

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