Cant get rid of chill haze!

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Cant get rid of chill haze!

Postby blue » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:13 pm

For the last 5 batches of ale I have had no luck getting my beer to be free from chill haze. I add 1/2 tbsp of irish moss with 30 and 10 min. left in boil.I always do partial mash with 5 pounds grain and the rest of gravity is supplied by extract. the beer is usually in primary 5-10 days then I transfer to secondary and keep it at the same temperature for 1 more week.Then I drop the temp to 34 and hold it there for a whole month.After a month I elevate the secondary and let it come back up to 65 over 2 days.I then rack to bottling bucket add corn sugar and 1 tsp of yeast and bottle.the resulting beer is very clear untill it is chilled then it becomes very hazy despite my efforts.I am always care full not to disturb trub and yeast when racking.shouldnt this work? I would prefer not to use finings if possible.Thanks for any help.
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Over 'sparging' the mash.

Postby Brewer2001 » Tue Nov 09, 2004 3:34 am


You are on the right track by chilling the beer. This should percipitate most of the solids. But it sounds like you are extracting too many tanins from the malt.

You need to keep the mash temperature between 120 - 158 deg F. You should also condition (adjust) the mash (sparge water) to a pH < 4.5 and do not over rinse the grain.

Haze...once formed is hard to get rid of! You may be getting permanent haze as well as chill haze. If it is chill haze serve your beer 2 or 3 deg. chill haze.

Good brewing,

Tom F.
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what is over-rinsing?

Postby Gmku » Sun Nov 14, 2004 1:38 am

Since I also use specialty grains (although not nearly 5 pounds, more like 1 or 2 at the most) in my extract recipes, I'm curious what's considered over rinsing.
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Postby blue » Mon Nov 15, 2004 7:37 pm

I always keep may mash temp less than 155 and my sparge water is @ 173.I use a 1/2 gallon of sparge water for each pound of grain so on average I use 2 1/2 mash effiency averages 70 %.This is what Ive read should be correct. However i have not been adjusting the sparge so it'll be at about ph 7. I will try adjusting it downward next time and see if that helps.Also wondering if its possible that im over milling and thats causing some of the problem.I use a valley mill and i do get some flour but overall the crush is still fairly course.thanks again,

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