To keg or not to keg? That is the Question

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To keg or not to keg? That is the Question

Post by hot_cook10 » Thu Jun 03, 2004 7:30 am

I'm thinking about setting up to keg my beer (using Cornelius kegs) in the future, but I have a few concerns:

1) I store my bottled beer in the basement, unrefridgerated, and it has kept quite well for over a year. Can I expect the same from kegged beer if pressurized with CO2?

2) As the amount of beer in the keg goes down do I need to be concerned about it spoiling? Again, I'm assuming the keg will be pressurized with CO2.

3) Once pressurized can I disconnect the CO2 and beer connections for transporting
and storage?

4) Will the quality of the beer be affected if moved in and out of refridgeration? I don't have an extra fridge to store a 5 gallon keg in.

Thanks so much for your help. I'd really like to try kegging, but we don't drink our beer really quickly and I'd hate to make the investment in kegging if the beer is going to have to be dumped out because it's spoiled over time. Any suggestions and insight would be
most appreciated. Thanks again.


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The biggest concern

Post by fitz » Thu Jun 03, 2004 7:48 am

The biggest concern is the warming and cooling you refered to. You do not want beer to get cold and warm in any container keg, bottle, can.
If you can't refrigerate all the time, you may try a cold plate(jockey box) This would allow you to cool beer as you use it(providing that your basement is constant in temp. this may work out for you. Ifm you would be buying one instead of making it, opt for another cheap fridge. Jockey boxes can be an expensive purchase.
Kegging is great.

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