Another kegging question ... This one regarding dry hopping

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Azorean Brewer
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Another kegging question ... This one regarding dry hopping

Post by Azorean Brewer » Mon Jul 21, 2003 5:26 pm

Ok, we have established that artificial C02 (bottled vs. natural - corn sugar)is a more preferred method to prime beer. Thanks everybody for your input ...

Now ... Does anyone dry hop flowers or pellets in a musslin sack in the keg? If yes, specifics please, if No ... why not? Remember I have only filled one keg and that was Saturday the 19'th of July :-)

I am looking for some help to avoid problems you may have come up with. Again ... Thanks in advance.

Paul (a.k.a. A.B.)

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you could but.....

Post by Fraoch » Tue Jul 22, 2003 2:24 am

Dry hopping was originally done at the same time as kegging with NATURALLY primed beer, in that when the beer had reached a satisfactory level of fermentation it was transferred to a sealed vessel to "prime", As with bottled beer, this takes a little time to get a good fine bead, normally say a month.this is about the time it will take to achieve a good hop aroma if you dry hop in the keg.The two processes worked well together.
Cornelius kegs allow us to remove the beer from the yeast and thereby reduce the time taken to prime,after all, with corny you can prime in say 24hrs if desired but with natural condition you are looking at a month.So dry hopping in the keg defeats the object as you will have to wait to reap the rewards.If you wish to get a good hop aroma then add your aroma hops POST boil in the kettle and let sit for about 45mins.I find this is actually a much better way of achieving hop aroma.

I have a 4gal wooden keg that i naturally prime and dry hop, i have to put more hops in the wooden keg as a dry hop to get the same result as a post boil steep for corny,Try it, youll be pleasantly suprised by how good it turns out and try to use hop cones or flowers for this, pellets are good for bittering but when it comes to flavour or aroma, there really is no substitute.

Enjoy your aromatic CLEAR beer,

Cheers Fraoch

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