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Re: Recipe amounts allowed to be negative numbers!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:53 am
by ColoradoBrewer
bpylant wrote:Exactly what I'm thinking... also, I've been using Bru'n Water for my pH prediction (in addition to the calculations), and hopefully by the time I brew this again I'll have a pH meter. Been dragging my feet on buying one, trying to decide between the Hach PocketPro+, Milwaukee 102 or the Thermoworks.
Just a thought about pH meters. I have the predecessor to one of the meters you're considering, the Milwaukee 101. It is a good meter, but I hardly use it anymore. The reason is that the pH predicted by Bru'n Water is always pretty much on the money. There was never more than a 0.1 variation between the software and the meter in roughly 18-20 batches. Also, calibrating the meter isn't difficult, but can be a bit tedious. About the only time I break out the meter now is when I want to see if my bucket of Star San is good.

Edit 12/19/15: Changed variation of meter reading compared to Bru'n Water from 0.05 to 0.1. While the 0.05 was correct for several batches, after reviewing my notes a variation of up to 0.1 was more common.