The only unforgivable sin: Lost / Broken Recipes

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The only unforgivable sin: Lost / Broken Recipes

Postby biertourist » Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:37 pm

Subjective Problem Description
Yes, I've posted 2 "annoyance" bugs to the thread already in rapid succession, but there is an issue that I have had many times over the last couple years when upgrading BeerTools: Lost / Corrupted recipes.

This is the only unforgivable sin for a piece of brewing software; this is the one thing that the software MUST NOT DO in order to be useful.

Is there something that I'm doing wrong? Am I supposed to run my recipes through some magic tool before upgrading to have them "converted" to the new BTs format?

Objective Supporting Data
What do I mean by "broken"? -In some cases in the past the recipes specific gravities have changed significantly when upgrading, or the color or IBUs have changed.

I have one recipe, a hoppy Rye beer that I called "Roggen Hopfen", it shows up under "Imported Recipes" and shows me a PREVIEW of the recipe stats but if I actual click/ double-click on it it never loads in the ingredients pane and never shows me the actual recipe; only the statistics. -Actually all of my old "imported recipes" are like this except for one of them..

I will also volunteer that I normally customize the ingredient information in my recipes to reflect their actual values vs. the estimated values from the DB; that is to say that if BTs says that Cascade's AA% is 8.9% and my particular Cascades are 9.6% AA, I will edit the hops AA% in the tool so that the IBU estimates accurately reflect my ingredients.

Again, the #1 reason I pay for brewing software is so that it can keep detailed records about each beer that I brew so that I can revisit it and brew it again later. I have NO DESIRE to maintain duplicate paper-based recipes "just in case" an upgrade to my brewing software screws up my recipes; that just shouldn't happen. Backwards compatibility of recipes made in prior versions should be a part of the testing criteria and a new version shouldn't be released if that minimum bar isn't set. Every other category of bug is excusable. Corruption of recipes is inexcusable.

Anyone have any idea how to "salvage" old "Imported" recipes?

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Re: The only unforgivable sin: Lost / Broken Recipes

Postby jeff » Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:09 pm

biertourist wrote:Anyone have any idea how to "salvage" old "Imported" recipes?

Sure. Zip your BeerTools Pro library folder and email it to me.
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