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Linux bugs

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 8:02 pm
by doctorjames
Having finally got my mac laptop to run Linux natively I've been able to do a brew day using the Linux version and have a few small bugs that I've found:

  • Date uses American ordering despite using en_GB locale.
  • Extremely slow to redraw user interface despite using macbookpro8,3 - for example you can see graph lines being drawn when switching tabs between style and schedule; dragging the list divider is very slow to update. (This is unusual as most applications feel faster in Linux on this computer than in OS X.) May be a real basic problem.
  • Print quality and resolution is very low (seems to have been a bug in real basic that may or may not now be fixed - see ... =8&t=37988?)
  • Print preview just prints to the printer.
  • Print to pdf results in a low resolution pdf with subpixel antialiasing (red/green/blue fringes) which looks bad when printed. The image being saved has obviously been rendered for on-screen display.
  • When switching from Imperial to Metric volume units the "total water" units don't change until after a restart. (May be a bug on all platforms - I've not checked.)

None of these have been show stoppers though and I've been very pleased to be able to use the software on Linux. Cheers!