Algorithm Calculations

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Algorithm Calculations

Post by MaxVertica » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:16 pm

Howdy All,

I recently purchased BeerTools and I am still learning. I am not sure how all the calculation functions work. The things I have noticed are the SG does not change when changing mash temp, @30C or 70C it shows the same SG? varying water volume in mash tun does not effect SG or length of time.

I work at a small craft brewery in Wanaka NZ and I used one of our recipes in the program. I had to set the efficiency to 100% to achieve the results we get. What parameters does the program use to determine SG?

One other thing I don't understand is the lock function on boil kettle. If I set a value and then click lock the value changes?


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Re: Algorithm Calculations

Post by slothrob » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:12 pm

I think I can answer some of your questions, since I know that Jeff is pretty busy trying to get BeerToolsPro 2.0 ready.

SG is calculated from the potential extract listed in the information for the grain you've chosen, the mash efficiency you have set, and the final volume in your kettle (not your fermenter).

Mash temperature can change SG due to improved conversion efficiency, but there are too many variables for software to calculate that effect. Once you know the mash efficiency of your system, that should be taken into account in your mash efficiency entry.

The total water into your kettle will determine your SG, not water into your tun. Your potential extract, times your entered mash efficiency and divided by the volume into the kettle will be taken into account in determining your SG. There has been some very interesting work done by Kai Troester on determining your potential SG from volume of mash and sparge, and conversion efficiency, but no one seems to have incorporated that into SG calculations, yet.

The lock function, in the mash schedule, will link the mash schedule total volume to the volume you have entered as your desired kettle volume at the start of the boil, and adjust values accordingly. Also, it will adjust for volume changes due to temperature changes, so the volume at the end of the sparge probably won't match the kettle volume, since the latter is the volume at boiling.

What is your breweries mash efficiency when you calculate it outside of BTP, and how have you calculated it? Perhaps when you account for these factors, your efficiency setting will be more realistic. I find the calculations to be quite accurate in my home brewery.
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