"No chill" option

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"No chill" option

Postby BigNath » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:54 pm

Where i live (australia), there is a big movement surrounding the idea of not chilling your wort post boil.

This increases bitterness (obviously), but when done in a controlled manner, using a water container (we call them cubes or jerry cans), the method allows you to transfer boiled wort (at near boiling temps) after the whirlpool, to the container, squeeze out the air, seal the cube, and let it cool slowly on it own.

The benefit of this process is that it allows you to brew whenever you have spare time, even when you don't have an empty fermenter yet. Sometimes when you get a spare fermenter available to brew, you have no time to actually brew, so this lets you stockpile worts ready to ferment, and then you can ferment when one becomes available.

Most brewers are of the opinion that it roughly adds 20mins worth of utilization time to a hop addition. So a 30min flavour addition would pretty much become your bittering addition, or add hops at flameout to get a good flavour addition. Add hops to the cube before or after filling with wort to get a good aroma addition etc....

There are other software packages that has "no chill" checkbox which ups the IBU's based on a formula, so the no chillers' can accurately account for hop utilization when they no chill a batch.

Would be awesome if there was such an option in BTP too. It's very handy.


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Re: "No chill" option

Postby Crusty » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:11 pm

No chill option is a bonus. I no chill & have to manually work out my hop additions which is a real pain. A simple check box for this step would be great. I love BTP but the no chill check box in BrewMate software is seeing me head for that software.
Can somebody please look at this option.
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