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Postby jackwhite » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:51 am

I recently saw a brief discussion about adding predefined carbonation levels in BTP and agree that a defined CO2 level for a recipe style preset within BTP would be very much appreciated. I also understand that due to variability both in "official" definition of CO2 levels for a style and also personal preferences make this a challenge for presets.

Is it possible to include a drop down menu with various styles recommended CO2 levels next to the "Volumes CO2" box in the Carbonation tab. Their could be a default option of 2.5 and also a custom option for personal preference and a selectable list of the styles recommended volumes of CO2. The "recommended" CO2 levels could be the middle of a range defined by various sources. I currently us Tasty Brew calculator ( "" ) but other sources certainly could be considered.

It gets frustrating to both go outside Beer Tools Pro for CO2 levels and remembering to change this default when calculating sugar levels for your beer. Having this as a preset or at least having this information readily available withing BTP would make recipe formation simpler.

Thanks for considering this.

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