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a few things..

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:26 am
by matte75
First, when i calculate the mash temerature the FG chould follow, for example: if i mash in 64C. i dont get as much dexrines and the FG will be lower, but if i mash at say, 73C. i get a lot of dextrines and the FG should follow and be higher, (promash has this feature, but i DONT want to use promash). This is useful when i am calculating a low alcohol beer..

Second: some kind of way to get a suggestion of the beer styleyou are brewing, by defenition, the nearest to the brew that you are calculating.

And a update of new hops, ex. citra, and the New Zeeland types..

Thanks for this, i use beertools both at home and at work in a microbrewery, and i just love it.

//Mattias E, Sweden