Schedule Section of Printout?

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Schedule Section of Printout?

Postby Bobby_M » Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:22 am

I think the schedule information can be better represented on the printout. I use this printout as my brewday guide so I don't have to drag my laptop outside. The info that prints is the same as what's exported to text/html as follows:

00:03:00 Dough In - Liquor: 4.0 gal; Strike: 165.56 °F; Target: 154.0 °F
01:03:00 Sac Rest - Rest: 60.0 min; Final: 152.7 °F
01:03:00 mash out - Heat: 0.0 min; Target: 168 °F
01:28:00 Batch Sparge - First Runnings: 0.0 gal sparge @ 153.0 °F, 5.0 min; Sparge #1: 2.13 gal sparge @ 170.0 °F, 10.0 min; Sparge #2: 2.18 gal sparge @ 170.0 °F, 10.0 min; Total Runoff: 7.11 gal

However, it's all carriage returned and uses a lot of vertical space and doesn't fill the page. It's also missing a lot of info that I need to see. Can the entire schedule table be exported in table form? The batch sparge info should be expanded so each infusion is noted. I need all of the data like infusion size, temp, final temp, etc. The info is there so I'm guessing it shouldn't be hard to print it.
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RE: Schedule Section of Printout?

Postby wottaguy » Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:26 am

I would also like to add to this request once again, that the NOTES sections for each step of the schedule be printed out as well. I use the " note" section to enter any reminders and or special steps to perform during brew day and it would be very nice to be able to refer to them on the printout.


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