BTP 2.0 New Features?

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BTP 2.0 New Features?

Postby bpylant » Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:31 am

Version 2.0 has all the great features as its predecessor, but adds extensive user interface enhancements and online connectivity features.

So are there any new features / functions / etc.? Have any current features or functions been significantly enhanced? Or is v2.0 strictly all UI enhancements and the online stuff?

Just trying to decide if it's worth it to me to upgrade; I have no problem with the UI (I think it's already the best brewing app in terms of UI, hands-down -- BeerSmith is clearly modeled after BTP, Beer Alchemy is nice and the rest are terrible), and I have no real interest in the online tools (I bring my laptop into the brewery on brewday).
BTP 2.0.12 / Database 8.0

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Re: BTP 2.0 New Features?

Postby jeff » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:59 pm

bpylant wrote:So are there any new features / functions / etc.? Have any current features or functions been significantly enhanced? Or is v2.0 strictly all UI enhancements and the online stuff?

Those are the most significant changes. The UI is cleaner, more informative and works on smaller displays such as those on netbooks. The online recipe storage allows access to BeerTools Pro recipes from mobile devices and makes it easy to share recipes with other members.

As for other improvements, a lot has been done under the hood. Some noticeable, some not so much. One highly requested feature is the ability to formulate the grain bill using percentages rather than quantities. The shopping list is significantly overhauled. There were some issues in version 1.5 that are resolved. Help has been made OS native and includes other languages. Fixes are implemented in water chemistry as well.

Here is a copy of the release notes from the beta program indicating some of the changes that occurred during the beta program alone:

Code: Select all
BeerTools Pro 2.0 Beta Release Notes

[Opt] = Optimization
[Fix] = Bug Fix
[Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
[New] = New Feature
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Kis] = Known Issue
[Wrk] = WorkAround
[Dep] = Deprecated
[Pat] = Describes a backwards compatibility issue.
[Ref] = Major refactoring, functionality should be identical to

v2.0.0.16 2013-10-17

[Fix] [All] Total column for volume adjustments and packaging
            reflects preferred volume units as specified in the
            preferences window when opening existing and new
[New] [All] Added sorting by date created and date brewed to the
            recipe lists.
[New] [All] Added the capability to change which date is
            displayed for each recipe in the recipe lists by
            clicking on the date and selecting an option.

v2.0.0.15 2013-10-07

[New] [All] Added Brazilian Portuguese localization of interface
            menus, labels and text.
[Fix] [All] Fixed problem that caused incorrect values to be
            displayed after converting measurement units.
[Pat] [All] Updated the protocol for communicating with
            BeerTools Connect server. Previous versions cannot
            use the server.

v2.0.0.14 2013-09-30

[Fix] [All] Fixed bug that caused the wrong ingredient to be
            replaced when using the "Replace in Recipe" function
            while the recipe ingredients were filtered according
            to type.
[New] [All] Added French and Italian localizations of help
[Fix] [All] Fixed bug that caused the default currency to be
            ignored when creating new ingredients.

v2.0.0.13 2013-09-23

[Fix] [All] Corrections made to the alkalinity calculations.
[New] [All] The option to change the pH endpoint for calculating
            alkalinity added to the water profile editor.
[New] [All] The water profile editor has a field for displaying
            and editing CO3--.
[Chg] [All] The fields in the water profile editor are more
            logically organized, grouping hardness and alkaline
            related fields together.
[New] [All] The water chemistry window has updated graphs with
            relaxed tolerance of ±5.0 ppm.
[Chg] [All] The layout is more roomy in the water chemistry
            window so numbers and labels display fully.

v2.0.0.12 2013-09-19

[Fix] [All] Implemented database maintenance routines for
            clearing orphaned ingredients from the shopping
[Imp] [All] Improved locating of inventory ingredients when
            mapping them to ingredients within planned recipes.

v2.0.0.11 2013-09-16

[New] [Win] Added BeerTools Pro Help to the help menu.
[Fix] [All] Disabled add item button for My Ingredients folder
            and Ingredient DB folder.
[New] [All] Added ascending and descending to the folder
            contents list sort menu.
[Chg] [Win] Hitting enter or return on the search field selects
            all text rather than beeping.
[Fix] [All] Fixed a database schema problem that caused orphaned
            ingredients to remain after deleting recipes from
            the shopping list.
[Fix] [All] Fixed a problem that prevented hops from being
            correctly linked to their records in the ingredient

v2.0.0.10 2013-09-14

[Fix] [All] Fixed modal window conflict that prevented the curve
            editor from being usable when editing hop
            utilization and color model curves.
[Fix] [Win] Eliminated flicker in the curve editors.

v2.0.0.9 2013-09-13

[New] [Mac] Added BeerTools Pro Help to the help menu.
[Imp] [All] Database update improvements. Added database
            maintenance routines for pruning orphaned records.
[Fix] [Win] Local recipe folder are correctly indexed and no
            longer require a refresh every time the program is
[New] [All] Local recipe folder syncing is performed in a
            separate thread allowing the interface to remain
            responsive during long sync operations.
[New] [All] Added progress bars to the recipe folders displayed
            in the library list. They track progress as the
            corresponding folder in the file system is syncing.

v2.0.0.8 2013-09-07

[Fix] [All] Restored functionality to the total runoff and final
            temperature fields in the deprecated separation
[New] [All] Storage quotas implemented.
[Fix] [Mac] Fixed a bug that prevented new login information
            from being stored in the keychain.
[Fix] [All] Saving other members’ recipes was broken. When a
            member grants edit privileges to his connections,
            changes to his shared recipes can now be saved by
            his connections.

v2.0.0.7 2013-09-04

[Fix] [All] Fixed an updating issue that occurred when undoing a
            change that automatically selected the correct
            display button and menu item.
[Fix] [All] Restored functionality to the total runoff and final
            temperature fields in the batch sparge editor.
[New] [All] Percentage based malt bill editing implemented in
            the fermentables list.
[New] [All] Added 'maintain temperature' checkbox to rest editor
            to accommodate temperature regulated systems such as
            HERMS and RIMS.
[Fix] [Mac] All editor windows open as movable modal windows on
            top of document and floating windows.

v2.0.0.6 2013-09-02

[Fix] [All] The recipe chooser opened from the shopping list
            window allows choosing recipes from the 'On My
            Computer' folder instead of its subfolders only.
[Fix] [Win] Info window is remembered when quitting the
            application by closing the last open recipe window.
[Fix] [Win] Connections window is closed automatically when
            quitting the application by closing the last open
            recipe window.
[Chg] [Mac] The login window asks to save login to keychain only
            when the username or password change.
[Fix] [All] All volume adjustment totals and packaging totals
            update when the volume unit preference is changed.
[Chg] [All] Total columns for volume adjustments and packaging
            align to the decimal point.
[Chg] [All] Improved the usability of the display selector
            buttons above the recipe contents list by activating
            unselected buttons when clicked, and opening the
            submenu when clicking selected buttons.
[Chg] [All] The newly created step is selected after adding a
            step to the schedule.
[Fix] [All] The schedule graph selector now correctly updates
            the schedule graph.
[Chg] [All] Keyboard shortcut L under File changed to T and L
            moved to Online menu to represent Login…
[Imp] [All] Database update process improvements including
            restoration of author and date fields in the recipes
[New] [All] Info window displays more information about recipes
            including the recipe description.
[New] [All] Printouts updated to include kettle gravity and
            recipe description.

v2.0.0.5 2013-09-01

[Fix] [All] Fixed a problem that caused the program to crash
            when opening shopping list window containing recipes
            missing in the file system.
[Fix] [All] Updated checksums and modification dates in the
            master database file.
[Fix] [All] Fixed an error that prevented the proper assignment
            of source IDs when duplicating ingredients in the
[Fix] [All] Dragging ingredients to my ingredients subfolders is
            working again.
[Fix] [All] The highlight box that appears around rows in the
            library list when dragging an item no longer
            obscures the row disclosure and icon.
[Fix] [All] Recipe info for My BeerTools recipes appears in the
            info window when selecting recipes in the list.
[Chg] [All] Internal handling of database record modified dates
            accounts for timezone and daylight savings time.
[Chg] [All] Moved Scan For Recipes to the File menu and removed
            the Library menu.

v2.0.0.4 2013-08-25

[Chg] [All] Removed the info and description items from the
            recipe menu.
[Fix] [All] A problem that occurred updating some database files
            that contained orphaned recipe folders has been
[Fix] [All] The master database file included with the program
            contains the latest schema. This fixes some
            NilObjectException errors that occurred when saving

v2.0.0.3 2013-08-24

[Fix] [All] The schedule graphic failed to print correctly, if
            at all, if the schedule tab wasn't visible.
[Fix] [All] Notes correctly loaded when opening recipes from the
            File menu.
[Chg] [All] Volume and efficiency fields separated into separate
[New] [All] Info tab added at the top of the main window.
[Chg] [All] The analysis tab redesigned. Efficiency and apparent
            attenuation added to the analysis tab.
[New] [All] Pre-boil gravity added to the analysis tab.
[Fix] [All] Fixed an issue that prevented undo from updating the
            value displayed in number fields.
[Imp] [All] Undo capability in the name and notes fields
[Fix] [All] Window positioning above the available screen area
            fixed, especially for windows that are maximized.
[Imp] [Win] Color handling for selected rows in listboxes
[Fix] [All] Default currency preference correctly displayed in
            preferences window.
[Fix] [All] Inventory incrementing arrows now correctly update
            inventory quantities.

v2.0.0.2 2013-08-16

[Fix] [All] Fixed incorrectly reported available updates.
[Fix] [All] Fixed issue getting Tinseth boil time utilization
            function to stick when closing the utilization
[Fix] [All] Fixed unhanded NilObjectException raised when
            closing the recipe scaling window.
[Fix] [All] Recipe status is correctly set to modified when
            performing scaling operations.
[Chg] [All] The volume adjustments net volume reflects the
            preferred volume unit setting immediately after it
            is updated.
[Fix] [All] Fixed issue where closed windows were appearing
            under the window menu.
[Chg] [All] Contents list updates upon window activation if the
            currently selected folder is an online folder.
[Chg] [All] Dragging water or mineral salts to the ingredient
            list now correctly opens the water chemistry window.
[Chg] [All] Adjusting the total water in the water chemistry
            window when all quantities are 0 updates all water
            type ingredients to have equal amounts of the total.
[Fix] [All] Water chemistry window properly updates after
            choosing "Add To Recipe" contextual menu item from
            ingredient database.
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Re: BTP 2.0 New Features?

Postby bpylant » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:51 pm

Sweet, thanks! Exactly the info I was looking for!

BTP 2.0.12 / Database 8.0

Computer Info:
Mac OS X 10.9.5
2.53 GHz Intel Core i7
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