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Version 1.5.24 Update

Post by jeff » Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:04 pm

A new update is available in My BeerTools.

After downloading the latest file from My BeerTools. The best way to install updates for the PC version is simply to run the installer. It will replace the old application (1.5.x), leaving preferences and databases intact.

Same principle for the Mac. Just replace your entire BeerTools Pro 1.5 folder (likely in your Applications folder) with the new one.

It's always a good idea to backup valuable data before updating BeerTools Pro.

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BeerTools Pro Release Notes

[Opt] = Optimization
[Fix] = Bug Fix
[Imp] = Improvement on bug, but problems may still exist
[New] = New Feature
[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality
[Kis] = Known Issue
[Wrk] = WorkAround
[Dep] = Deprecated
[Pat] = Describes a backwards compatibility issue.
[Ref] = Major refactoring, functionality should be identical to

v1.5.24 2012-11-02

[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.
[New] [All] Added Swedish Krona to list of currencies.
[New] [All] Main window has new lock buttons instead of
            checkboxes to lock volume field values. Final volume
            and efficiency fields get new scale buttons to
            perform recipe scaling based on these values.
[Chg] [All] Improved undo functionality connected with the
            recipe scaling window. Instead of logging each
            change in the window as a separate undo, the entire
            scaling operation is recorded as one undo.
[New] [All] Added option to change the working temperatures for
            kettle, evaporation, water added and final volumes
            using popup menus next to the label for each field.
[Fix] [All] Fixed inconsistencies related to the volume
            configuration fields that caused incorrect values
            to be applied while performing undo.
[New] [All] Added new H2O tab to calculators window where water
            volume estimates based on temperature changes can be
[New] [All] Popup menu and lock checkbox selections are
            remembered when the calculators window is closed and
[New] [All] The calculators window is reopened upon application
            launch if it was open when the application quit.

v1.5.23 2012-04-26

[Fix] [Lnx] Fixed license key error that occurred on some
            systems using regional settings other than US
[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.

v1.5.22 2012-03-26

[New] [All] Added ingredient proportion next to fermentable and
            hop quantities in text export.
[Imp] [All] Improved filtering of invisible and whitespace
            characters inserted when copying and pasting license
            information in the registration window.
[New] [All] Enabled duration field for hop and special
            ingredient late additions, and fermentable pre-boil
            and boil additions.
[Chg] [All] Changed 'Boil' column heading to 'Duration' to more
            accurately fit the data in the column.
[Chg] [All] Changed 'Finish (Bottle)' stage label to 'Finish
            (Storage)' to be less specific about the type of
            container used to store the finished beer.
[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.
[Fix] [All] Fixed a calculation error that occurred in pellet
            hop utilization when using Daniels, Garetz or custom
            utilization formulas.
[Chg] [All] Short date now displayed in the date column when
            listing recipes.

v1.5.21 2011-12-21

[Fix] [All] Fixed an intermittent NilObjectException issue that
            occasionally occurred when updating the database
            file during startup.
[Fix] [All] Repaired a problem that caused older files
            containing no color model to be ignored during file
            system scans initiated by rebuilding the library and
            scanning for recipes.
[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.

v1.5.20 2011-10-31

[Fix] [All] An error that occurred on systems using a decimal
            separator other than '.' when saving files has been

v1.5.19 2011-10-28

[Fix] [All] Excessive delays during the license key validation
            process are reduced.
[Chg] [All] Non-breaking space is used to separate the unit
            portion from the numeric portion of measurement
            values as well as separate the whole from the
            fraction portion of fractional values.
[New] [All] Added message box to inform the user that BeerTools
            Pro will update the library database so long pauses
            won't be interpreted as a program crash.
[Fix] [All] Fixed an error that occurred when reading hop
            utilization algorithms from a file causing parts of
            the overwritten algorithm to remain.
[Fix] [All] The maximum of 7 decimal places has been increased
            to 15 for all numeric values saved to files. The 7
            digit limit caused issues with inventory and
            shopping lists.
[New] [All] Added 'In Stock' amount to the information shown for
            ingredients in the info window.
[New] [All] Added item 'ID' to the information shown for
            applicable items in the info window.
[Fix] [All] Fixed a bug in the shopping list display that caused
            inconsistencies in how ingredients are listed.
            Missing ingredients was a typical symptom of the

v1.5.18 2011-09-23

[New] [All] Moved the recipe scaling features to a separate
            modal dialog accessed by choosing 'Scale…' from the
            'Recipe' menu. Scaling can be performed using final
            volume or mash efficiency as the basis.
[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.
[Imp] [All] Improved localization to French.
[Fix] [All] Adjustments made to the window sizes and layouts to
            prevent clipping of text in some languages.
[Fix] [All] Fixed an issue that affected how some values are
            displayed in the interface, specifically the
           'Duration' value of the schedule tab.
[Ref] [All] Updated help engine implemented.
[Fix] [All] Repaired disabled multiline editing in notes and
            descriptions fields on some editor windows.
[Fix] [All] Fixed broken language setting that prevented the
            correct language from displaying in the 'My Recipes'
            and 'Check For Updates' windows.
[Fix] [All] Fixed a problem with blank dates not being saved to
            the recipes folder in the library. Dates are now
            correctly saved as blank.
[Fix] [All] Eliminated the display of zero amounts in the
            purchase column of the shopping list window that
            occurred occasionally when units were converted
            between those in inventory and those in the recipe.
[Fix] [All] Dragging ingredients from the recipe to the 'My
            Ingredients' folder will set the status of the
            recipe to modified if the ingredient received a link
            to a new database record effectively changing the
[New] [All] Parsing of quantities input by the user has been
            refactored to improve efficiency and allow for
            greater flexibility in entering units, including
            localized unit abbreviations.
[Chg] [All] Number fields now allow thousands separators based
            on the operating system's regional settings. This
            requires more strict handling of decimal separators
            so the decimal separator specified in the regional
            settings must be used when entering numbers.
[Fix] [All] Color model settings are honored when saving a
            recipe to the recipe library so the color shows
            correctly in the list.
[Imp] [Lnx] Improvements made on listbox selected row colors.
            Some themes may display selected rows better than
[Chg] [All] Removed the point delete button from the curve
            editor window in favor of deleting points with the
            backspace or delete key.
[New] [All] Compatibility with universal multi-platform license

v1.5.17 2011-07-07

[New] [All] Added supplier information to ingredient rows in
            recipe ingredients list and print outs.
[Fix] [All] Removed 'S.G.:' label from density reading displayed
            next to kettle and final volumes.
[New] [All] Added database version number to about window.
[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.

v1.5.16 2011-04-26

[Fix] [All] Density unit preference now displays in the
            fermentable ingredient gravity column.
[Fix] [All] The term "original gravity" has been changed to
            "bitterness" in the quantity adjustment dialog
            opened by the hop editor when the hop settings are
            changed. Affects English only.
[Fix] [Win] Fixed modifier key settings for the recipe menu to
            eliminate overlap with other keyboard shortcuts.
[Fix] [All] Contents list now honors search string when listing
            ingredients after making changes to and adding new
            ingredients in the list.
[Fix] [All] The catalog number is included in the search fields
            when searching contents of the yeast category.
[New] [All] New ingredients added and existing ingredients
            modified in the permanent ingredient database.

v1.5.15 2011-03-14

[Fix] [All] Color model now saves with default settings when
            choosing 'Make Default' from the 'File' menu and
            and selecting the 'Color Model' option in the
            template configuration panel.
[New] [All] When edits are made to the parameters of an
            ingredient in a recipe and the edits change the
            original gravity or bitterness of the recipe, the
            user is given the option to have BTP adjust the
            quantity of the ingredient so the results remain the
[New] [All] Added density setting in preferences panel for
            choosing default density (specific gravity) unit.
[New] [All] Added density to the 'Convert Units' panel.
[New] [All] Added checkboxes next to all of the unit settings
            popup menus for choosing which units are applied and
            which are not.

v1.5.14 2011-03-10

[Fix] [All] Fixed an issue that occurred when overwriting an
            existing license file during the registration
            process that caused the application to crash.

v1.5.13 2011-03-10

[New] [All] Added color model choices accessible from the new
            Color Model Window opened by choosing 'Color Model'
            from the 'Recipe' menu.
[Opt] [All] Eliminated unnecessary user interface text
            refreshes on text hidden in the tab section.
[Fix] [All] Fixed minor issues affecting spline function
            evaluation and editing.

v1.5.12 2010-08-31

[Ref] [All] Updated help engine implemented.
[Fix] [Lnx] Fixed schedule graph overlap that occurred when tabs
            other than the schedule graph were visible and the
            graph was redrawn.
[Fix] [Mac] Fixed double-clicking and drag and drop of files to
            open them on Mac OS.
[New] [All] Updated style database to use 2008 BJCP style

v1.5.11 2010-07-19

[Fix] [All] Fixed a small issue that affected Rankine and Kelvin
[Fix] [All] Heat capacity fields used the wrong set of units and 
            the correct set has been implemented. For backward
            compatibility the old set of units is still stored
            in saved files.

v1.5.10 2010-05-08

[Fix] [Lnx] Fixed problem with style graphs appearing on other
            tabs when making selections with popup menus.
[Imp] [Lnx] Improved recipe file deletion for most Linux systems
            implementing GNOME and KDE desktops.
[Fix] [All] Fixed problem connecting to library database file
            immediately after changing the library folder
            location using the preferences panel.
[Imp] [Lnx] Improved display of multiline field labels in most
            ingredient and other editor windows.

v1.5.9 2010-04-27

[Fix] [All] Fixed an issue with erroneous inventory calculation
            for recipes containing ingredients independent of
            the ingredient database.
[Imp] [All] Improved visual formatting of water chemistry window
            so column values line up with column totals.

v1.5.8 2010-04-18

[Fix] [All] Corrected the Recipe->Add->Transfer menu item label.
[Fix] [All] Repaired broken regular expression matching which
            falsely identified unit abbreviations containing
            parentheses as invalid.
[New] [All] Added Simplified Chinese language support.
[New] [All] Added Italian language support.

v1.5.7 2010-02-18

[Chg] [All] Adjuncts can be set to 'steep' in the recipe
            ingredients list.
[Fix] [All] Restored style information display in the info panel
            when clicking on styles in the list.
[New] [All] Enabled basic BeerXML export (ingredients only).
[Imp] [All] Improved removal of invisible control characters
            embedded in text entries prior to saving data to
            XML files.

v1.5.6 2010-01-17

[Fix] [All] Repaired disabled multiline editing in style editor
            text areas.
[New] [All] Added contents list printing for printing out
            ingredient, style, and other lists.
[New] [All] Improved printing of mash schedule steps by adding
            elapsed time, mash thickness, final temperature and
            available runoff columns as well as row separators.
[Chg] [All] Selecting items in the library style lists no longer
            changes the style of the current recipe unless the
            alt or option key is pressed.
[New] [All] Added context menu for style items.

v1.5.5 2009-12-15

[Fix] [All] Repaired miscellaneous interface irregularities
            including text size issue in date field and disabled
            multiline editing in notes field.

v1.5.4 2009-12-15

[Chg] [All] Updated the Fowler hop utilization algorithm to use
            new gravity correction formula.
[New] [All] Added new ingredients to grains, adjuncts, hops,
            yeast, and special.
[Fix] [All] Fixed the database update system which failed when
            making minor version updates as a result of
            prematurely closed database connections.

v1.5.3 2009-04-19

[Chg] [All] Online access security improved by favoring SSLv3
            when supported on the server side.
[Chg] [All] Changes implemented to reduce the frequency of
            license key renewals caused by changes to system
            software and moving installations to new computers.
[New] [All] Added the 'Late Addition' stage for extracts and
            adjuncts so these are omitted from hop utilization
[Fix] [All] Schedule values no longer display erroneous data
            when the apparent attenuation value is modified.

v1.5.2 2008-10-01

[Fix] [All] Swapped the HCO3 and SO4 column values for water
            profiles displayed in the contents list.
[Fix] [All] Fixed a calculation error that caused erroneous
            results when tabbing from one field to another in
            the vessel editor.
[Fix] [Win] The help menu is no longer empty in the shopping
            list window although the menu items are disabled.
[Fix] [Win] Fixed unhandled exception that occurred when closing
            the online recipe window or quitting the application
            without logging out.

v1.5.1 2008-09-13

[Fix] [Mac] Fixed unhandled exception that occurred when closing
            the online recipe window without logging out.
[Fix] [All] Corrected a deactivated license error that occurred
            when upgrading from a previous version that had at
            least one license renewal.
[New] [All] Implemented a new help engine.

v1.5.0 2008-08-23

[Fix] [All] Fixed display menu update when adding ingredients to
            the recipe using the context menu.
[Chg] [All] Minimize buttons removed from all movable modal
            windows to prevent confusion resulting from
            an unresponsive state while a modal is minimized.
[Chg] [All] Changed the vessel selector in the heat source
            editor to a popup arrow instead of a popup menu.
[Fix] [Mac] Fixed disappearing text in the final temp field of
            the batch sparge editor.

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