HELP! Mash Schedual. Combo Batch & Fly.

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HELP! Mash Schedual. Combo Batch & Fly.

Postby MY ADV » Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:20 pm

I'm trying to set my mash schedual to do a combination of both Batch and Fly sparging. But I cant get my fly water value to equal the remainder needed to get to my pre boil levels after I have adding the two previous Batch sparges.

This is what I'm trying to do...

Mash-In - To Mash Tun
Mash-In Rest

Batch Sparge #1 - To Boil Kettle
1: Drain off liquor and rinse over mash four times. 1 gallon at a time
until clear.
2: Drain liquor off to the Boil Kettle.
3: Dont add sparge water.

Infusion - To Mash Tun (add water to mashtun)
Infusion Rest

Batch Sparge #2 - Same as Batch Sparge #1 (See above)

Fly Sparge - The remainder of the water needed to get to pre-boil level.

Can this be done?
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Batch + Fly Sparge

Postby slothrob » Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:45 am

I think that the software expects a sparge to be the end of the schedule, so it has a problem with trying to stack a fly sparge on top of a batch sparge.

I think you'll need to use a batch sparge edit box with 3 sparges. The third sparge step can be used to calculate the temperatures and volumes for your fly sparge and you can give it a name like "2 Batch + 1 Fly Sparge".

As a side note, is there a particular reason you are using such an extreme sparge? Usually a second sparge is already bumping up against diminishing returns. I think that adding a fly sparge to the end, after having removed almost all of the sugars during the batch sparges, would risk over-sparging and extracting tannins.
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