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Aliquot computation support?

Postby pfooti » Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:43 pm

Hi board,

I'm going to brew skotrat's traquair house ale sometime next week. I've done it before more or less manually, before I got BTP. What I'd like is some way to account for the funny boiloff plan in the recipe.

Rather than use a lot of specialty grain, skotrat's recipe has you pull off 1 gallon (at my scale) and boil it down to a half-pint in a separate vessel, which you add back to the wort. This adds a lot of caramel flavors to the brew. I'm not really sure about how important that step is- lots of wee heavies are brewed just with a fair bit of specialty grain, but I am impressed by the elegance of the recipe. And like I said, I've brewed it before and really enjoy it.

What I'd like some help with is figuring out a plan for the batch sparge that accounts for my weird boil. I basically need an extra gallon of runnings. I suppose I could hack it by just turning the boil duration up in the settings, so BTP thinks I'm going to lose another gallon of wort in the boil. That's probably the best bet, but I was wondering if there was a feature I was missing somewhere in there that accounted for it.

EDIT- For some reason, BBCode is disabled and won't enable itself. Grr. Anyway, here's the URL for the recipe I'm using: ... es/10.html
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Postby slothrob » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:40 pm

I can't think of an obvious way to account for the concentrated boil other than changing the length of boil accordingly.

However, another way to approach it, without having a potentially confusing entry for boil length, would be to add a "Decoction" step to the mash schedule after the sparge. You could call this "Wort Concentration" or something, enter the boil length, and use it to account for the additional lost volume.[/i]
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