Schedule confusion on my new system

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Schedule confusion on my new system

Post by mmmooretx » Sun Mar 01, 2009 6:11 pm

Background: Home built system, old kegs, Propane 165,000 btu heaters (3), calibration runs done 1 Mar. 09 with 5 gallons, 18 degree rise in 2.5 minutes, 1/2 gas valve on Mash Tun 2.6 minutes. and Hot Liquer Tank is gravity feed for sparge (March pump to move liquids as needed)

Questions: I am doing constant recirculation with direct heat on Mash Tun and my Asco valve/Love control take care of burner on & off. I have a Thermowell that sticks in about 5" about 5" above false bottom. I will turn down gas valve to about 1/4 to lower btu's and for a more stable temperature profile. As no transfer takes place of the wort what steps do I use? Is it all mash in? Once my hour is up I plan on sparging from Hot Liquer Tank while transfering to Kettle until I get 6 gallons (may up to 7 based on real losses including Primay troub loss).

Second Question: If I do a step mash, say 120, 140, 150 ish with the above constant recirculation and no water loss/addition what steps do I use? I am not sure this is actually a decoction as the whole mass is heated equally and constantly.

Anyway any insight helping me find the light would be greatly appreciated as I plan on brewing a Moose Drool clone next Saturday.
Thank you very much for your support and time in helping me kick off my new brew system FrankenBrutus!
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Post by Bobby_M » Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:03 pm

If you are just recirculating and applying heat as necessary to hold temp for a sac rest, just set it as a sac rest and entire the duration you plan on.

During a step mash where you want to go from one temp to another, add "direct heat" and set the target temp. Due to your calibration run, it should know how long it will take to hit your target temp automatically.
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