Recipe Library -- questions about 'Scan' and 'Rebuild'

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Recipe Library -- questions about 'Scan' and 'Rebuild'

Postby billvelek » Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:54 pm

I'm trying to understand how the commands for the library scan and rebuild work, and I've had a few things happen to confuse me a bit.

I had a particular recipe which was listed under "My Recipes", but when I tried to open it BTP couldn't seem to find the file. It was a recipe I made a year ago, so it obviously would have been under some version of BTP 1.0. I can't remember if BTP replied that it couldn't find the file or exactly what it said because this was a couple of days ago and I didn't make any notes.

I assumed that the recipe had been deleted during the installation of one or more upgrades, so I used the "Rebuild Library" command figuring that I might as well update my recipe list to reflect what I actually still have stored on my computer. But after doing that, the same recipe continued to be listed under 'My Recipes', but BTP still was not able to open it. Now, I _think_ that maybe the process isn't completed until BTP is shut-down and then restarted, because having done so, the old recipe doesn't appear on 'My Recipes' list, i.e., it was finally removed. Not a terribly big concern, but it might avoid concerns by other users if either the 'Rebuild Command' can be completed without restarting BTP ... OR ... if there would be some sort of a note someplace when the command is executed that the program must be restarted to finish the rebuild.

Now, when I noticed that the old recipe was no longer on my list, I decided to check ... just to be certain ... by using the command "Scan for Recipes", which I hadn't really had a reason to use prior to this. I had BTP scan my entire hard drive, but the scan revealed only four recipe files (actually they seem to be old templates) and NONE of the recipes that are currently listed under 'My Recipes'. The following screen shot shows just a few of my recipes in the top panel, but none of them are listed in the 'scan' window, so I don't understand if the scan is looking only for recipes that are not already listed:

Anyway, I did read the BTP "User's Guide", which is a tremendous improvement over the original documentation, but it doesn't really make things very clear -- p.35 "Assets Library File Structure" and p.36 "Troubleshooting - Synchronizing the Assets Library" -- at least not with respect to my particular questions/concerns, i.e., ...
1. Is a restart necessary to complete the library rebuild process;
2. Does a scan look only for files not already listed in the library.

By the way, I will add that on my last two batches, my volumes were 'RIGHT ON TARGET' ... probably within a cup or two. I am really happy with this program. GREAT JOB!!!


Bill Velek
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