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Re: I can't load the newest version -- 1.5

Postby jeff » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:36 pm

billvelek wrote:Okay, that worked. Now, just to clean up a bit, within my BeerToolsPro folder I still have two different 'Libs' folders: one is named "Beer Tools Pro 1.5 Libs" and ALL of its files have a modification date of 8/13/08, whereas the other folder -- "Beer Tools Pro Libs" -- contains files with the same names but with modification dates of 9/1/08. Is it okay to delete the former ... the files from August?

Yes, "Beer Tools Pro 1.5 Libs" can be deleted.

billvelek wrote:Also, there is a "Help" folder within the BTP folder, and it contains a bunch of HTML files that pre-date this new release; looks like it was all for the old 'User Guide', since the new one is a nice .pdf file. Delete it too?

"Help" should not be deleted because the user guide can be accessed within BTP using these files. They are found in the help menu as "Help Topics". There are some files in there that are not used anymore but it isn't worth going through finding them and deleting them. They won't interfere with anything.
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