Calculation to raise Sacch. rest temp to Mash-out temp?

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Calculation to raise Sacch. rest temp to Mash-out temp?

Postby laughingparrot » Tue May 13, 2008 4:53 pm

I'm stuck. Missing something obvious here.
Does the program calculate HLT temperature to raise the saccharfication rest temp to Mash-out temp?

After the saccharfication rest I want to bring the mash temperature up from 154.0 to 168.0.
My "One-Step Infusion" schedule tells me nothing as far as that.
Then to sparge it tells me to add 4.8 gallons at 176 degrees to reach a sparge temperature of 170 (that's going from 168 to 170)

The final sparge temperature makes sense. But going from 154 to 168 is a big jump and I need to know how much water and at what temp to raise the mash from 154 degrees to 168 degrees? I currently only have about 4 gallons to sparge with so common sense says the temperature would have to be close to boiling temperature. Otherwise there would be very little water left for sparging.

What am I doing wrong? Obviously missing something very simple.

My recipe simply calls for a:
Saccharification Rest: of 154 degrees
Mash-out Rest: of 168 degrees
Sparge: of 170 degrees

From reading the posts you guys are masters at this program and I'm sure you have an answer for me.


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Mash Out

Postby slothrob » Tue May 13, 2008 7:53 pm

For your Mash Out, you need to add an "Infusion" step right after your Sacc. Rest. That will calculate the water temp. you need to hit your Mash Out temp. with your volume.
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