Locking desired gravity

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Locking desired gravity

Postby bmacpiper » Thu Nov 01, 2007 8:26 pm

Hi all,
I'm in the Siebel Concise Course this week and next, and today we had a great session on brewery calculations. The approach we learned is to start at the fermenter and work backwards, i.e. "I want 50 hectoliters of 12-degree Plato wort in the fermenter", and then go from there. We used the malt analysis from a maltster, our assumed brewery efficiency, etc. to come up with how much of each malt we needed, how much water, and so on. The idea was that we were creating a beer with 80% pale and 20% wheat, and based on the malt analysis and brewery efficiency (instead of weight), we could figure out how much of each grain we needed.

As we did this, I was building a fake recipe in BTP to try to do the same thing on the computer. What I am wondering is whether I can specify a desired target OG, similar to a desired target end of boil volume, and have the program give me malt numbers based on that. I know I can alter the malt profile to show the potential extract, and that is one step short of what I'm after.

Along the same lines, we chose a target bitterness, 25 IBU, and worked backwards on several hop additions to figure out how much hops we'd need based on efficiency, alpha acid content, etc. Here again, is there a way to specify a "locked" value of 25 IBU, several hop varieties, and a hopping schedule and have BTP tell me how much of each hop is needed to hit that target?

Thanks all,
Ben McC
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Postby jawbox » Thu Nov 01, 2007 9:43 pm

hope you post some feedback on here about the siebel course you are taking. I always wondered how much you really get out of them.
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