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Grain editing

Postby spider74 » Tue Jan 23, 2007 3:29 am

I dig trou wiki and help file but I dosn't found any informatio what is what in New Grain/Hope Editor. So pls give me info what from this
site is in BeerTools Pro...

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Welome Spider; let's see what we can do

Postby billvelek » Tue Jan 23, 2007 10:50 am

Welcome, Spider; I see that this was your first post to, so I assume that you are also a new or very recent purchaser of BTP. This is a great program -- it really is -- but it is weak in the area of documentation. That is one reason why the developers have created a Wiki, but that has been slow to develop, too, because we haven't received the amount of participation that I had hoped for. I have done some work on it, but time hasn't allowed me to do what I'd like so far. Please note that I am merely a customer, like you, and have no other affiliation with or BTP.

I also see that you are from Poland, so I hope that your English is good enough that I am making myself understandable. If you have any problem with the way I phrase anything, please don't hesistate to post again.

To answer your question, I did a google search for "malt analysis", and quickly found this site, and I'll transfer the info to the Wiki as soon as possible: -- note the table of info about 20% down the page.

EDIT: I'm trying to figure out the Grain Editor so I can respond regarding your link to the Weyermann site. So far it looks like ...
DBFG = 80%
FG-CG = Weyermann shows 1.1 to 2.0, so I don't know if BTP uses the min, the max, an average, or the difference between the two.
DBCG = I don't see a value on Weyermann for this, and don't know if BTP absolutely NEEDS it. If you must have a figure, you could probably drop a couple of percent from the DBFG and be close.
HWE (Hot Water Extract) = I don't see that on Weyermann's specs
AICG = I don't know what that is; Noonan's site doesn't help, and Weyermann's doesn't seem to list anything like that.
Moisture = 4%
Potential Extract = Can't find on Weyermann's
HCU = This is obviously 'color' but I don't know which of Weyermann's values goes in there
Protein = Weyermann gives two values, so I don't know which to use
TN = Total Nitrogren - Weyermann doesn't appear to give a value
TSN = Total Soluable Nitrogen - Weyermann doesn't appear to give a value
SNR = Soluable Nitrogren Ratio - Weyermann doesn't appear to give a value
DP = Diastatic Power - Weyermann doesn't appear to give a value
Cost/Unit -- what you pay from your supplier

Good luck with the program and your brewing.


Bill Velek
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Postby spider74 » Tue Jan 23, 2007 1:16 pm

Thx, It's exactly what I would like to know. I googled for some info but didn't find explanaition of abreviations. So thx again:)
Generally some help files esp. for thing like this is important for newbies.

Have a nice day.
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