Suggestion re ingredients list vs. database

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Suggestion re ingredients list vs. database

Postby billvelek » Fri Dec 29, 2006 3:21 am

Jeff, it would be a very nice convenience if the ingredient database -- when opened either through the 'browse' button in the ingredients display or even through the database menu command -- would open directly to the ingredient that the user has highlighted in the ingredients list. So if the recipe -- either someone else's or a previous one I had created -- calls for a particular hops or yeast, for example, that I don't happen to have, and I want some info about it to see if I can find a reasonably suitable replacement from what I have in inventory, the database will open directly to that particular highlighted ingredient so that I don't need to scroll down the list to find it (nor would I need to select the particular list, either, such as for an ingredient that might be classified as a grain, or an adjunct, or a special ingredient). It would definitely save time and 'polish' your program a lot, in my opinion. Anyone wanting to avoid that automatic selection would only need to click on the ingredients page somewhere beneath the current ingredients so that none of them are highligted, and then go to 'browse' or 'database' and use as it currently works now. Or they could just start scrolling the list up or down from the highlighted ingredient instead of from the top of the list. I hope you decide to incorporate this enhancement. Thanks.


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