Suggest allow BTP to indicate primary or secondary in recipe

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Suggest allow BTP to indicate primary or secondary in recipe

Postby billvelek » Mon Dec 11, 2006 12:52 pm

I brewed a cherry wheat yesterday, but I didn't add the cherries to the boil, but rather they will be added late in the primary or secondary. While working on my BTP recipe, I noticed that when I added the cherries to my list of ingredients, the "stage" window allows me to select primary or secondary, but then the recipe displays "dry" -- as if I am dry hopping -- for both stages. I think it would be better if the recipe displayed the appropriate term -- "primary" or "secondary" -- just like the words "mash" and "steep" when they are selected. I also noticed that BTP does not clearly differentiate between first wort hopping and regular boil time, so I suggest that at least the abbreviation "FWH" be added for display somewhere next to the hops on the ingredient list; I'm aware that we can figure that out if the time for the hops is longer than the boil time, but I think it would help make it clear at just a glance. I think being flagged by a special lable like "FWH" will help other folks avoid missing it when using someone else's recipe; otherwise, I think it will be too easy for someone to not pay particular attention to the boil times for their hops until their wort is already boiling and hot break has finished, and then be surprised to see that they should have actually added one of the hops a half hour earlier. Just a suggestion.

Finally, I have added a pectic enzyme to my list of ingredients; it is a liquid that is added in "drops"; could you please add that measurement to your list of weights/volumes?


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