Questions re Schedule Presets

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Questions re Schedule Presets

Postby billvelek » Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:55 am

I have the same questions regarding both the 'One Step' and 'Two Step' infusions.

First, maybe I've been doing my dough-in ('mash in') wrong from the start, because it sure doesn't take me 33 minutes, as in BTP's 1-step infusion, or even 18 minutes, as in BTP's 2-step infusion; I can't honestly say that I've ever recorded the time, but I'd be shocked if it takes me more than just a few minutes. Whether dumping grist into water or water into grist (I usually do the latter), and then stirring and checking temp and then making a few adjustments, MAYBE it will take me over 5 minutes ... maybe even almost 10. But 33 minutes??? Now, is there some reason that BTP indicates that this step takes so long? Should it? And why is the mash-in time so dramatically different for a 1-step versus 2-step infusion?

Second, I can't figure out where the extra water is coming from at the end of mash-in. If you will set your water volumes as follows and then compare the volume graph with the schedule details, you should see what I'm talking about; set your Final Volume at 5 gallons and lock it, and set up for a 90 minute boil at a 10% evaporation rate. Your 'Kettle Volume' should be 6.13 gallons, with a .92 gallon evaporation loss. Then compare your volume graph with your displayed schedule which should indicate as follows:

'One-Step' Infusion Preset: according to the schedule, 3.12 gallons of water are added at mash-in, and 4.2 gallons are used for sparging, for 'Total Water' of 7.3 gallons; however, if you check the 'volume graph', you should notice that at exactly 30 minutes, the volume suddenly jumps to 4.0 gallons despite that the schedule doesn't indicate any water added at that time. That's almost a gallon of water that I can't account for.

'Two-Step' Infusion Preset: except for the infusion of 2.5 gallons to step from the protein rest to the saccarification rest, almost the same mysterious thing happens: the volume graph jumps nearly a gallon of water at precisely 15 minutes, but yet the schedule does not indicate a water addition at that point.

Can anyone help explain this? The User's Guide is no help, and I've tried to keep up with all of the posts in this forum, so I apologize is this has already been discussed and I somehow just missed seeing it.


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Postby slothrob » Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:09 pm

30 and 15 minutes are somewhat typical times for the first rest in 1-step and 2-step infusion mashes when your doing a protein rest or acid rest, perhaps the program is anticipating this and adding 3 minutes to stir? Just guessing, though.
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